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Re: [IP] RE:Neuropathy

My M.D. placed me on neurontin for the neuropathy, I also saw a neurologist
for this and he agreed this was the best medication for this situation.  
I also am given a cortizone shot inbetween my toes 3 times a year and that
really helps. But the Neurontin is doing a great job for me. I am allergic
to tegretol and one has to have blood work to check thier liver enzymes
with tegretol. Also I have prophyria which is another reason for me not
taking tegretol.

At 06:37 PM 08/24/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>I have a question for those of you out there that
>suffer from Neuropathy, specifically in your feet. I
>have had Neuropathy for the past 5 years (pumping
>since June 30, 2000). I have had a few really bad
>episodes, where the pain was so bad that it hurt to
>walk. These episodes did pass, and I was put on
>Tegretol 200 mg twice a day, which up until about 1
>1/2 months ago seemed to work taking away the pain and
>allowing me to walk and function like a normal person.
>Now the medicine is not working, and I am even taking
>pain pills at night. By the middle of the afternoon, I
>can't even stand on my feet. I have called my doctor,
>and he can't get me in till the end of September. Any
>advice, or suggestions would be greatly welcomed.

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