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[IP] Nighttime BS

Linda -
I'm afraid I don't have any great suggestions - but I can commiserate!
Brian is okay during the day, although we still have major surprises
from time to time - but nights are another story.  I thought we were
getting close last week - we have been testing at about 10pm, 12m, 3AM,
5AM and 8AM looking for patterns.  There pretty much aren't any -
although for a while he was waking up at 8AM +/- 40 points from the 10PM
reading (the part in between was all over the place - up and down - but
usually no more than 60 points either way) But 2 nights ago, just when I
thought we were ready to skip the  12M, 3AM and 5AM tests for a while
(because there was no pattern, and we need some sleep!) we had another
surprise.  Brian was 230 at 9pm, 175 at 12M then down to 66 at 3AM.  I
gave him some chocolate milk - and he was still only 100 at 5AM and 80
at 8AM.  Who knows?!?!!? He had ridden his bike after dinner the night
before, and did not have a snack (he wasn't hungry, and was 230).  He
has 3 basals at night too- very similar to Adam's.

Yesterday we had an interesting day 158 at 10AM, 58 at 10:45 - gave him
3 tabs, then 10 minutes later he was 170.  That seems like a pretty fast
recovery to me!  I'm inclined to think that no matter how much we love
our Accucheck Advantage, that we may occasionally have bad readings.
That I guess, and growth hormones and the color of Brian's underwear all
seem to make a difference!

With all the idiosyncrasies of Brian and his pump - I would still never
go back to MDI.   Good luck - and write anytime - when is Adam's
birthday?  Brian will be 5 on January 16th - sounds like they are very
close in age.  Laurie, mom to Brian, age 4, dxd 12-98, pumping 4-00, and
Keith, age 7

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