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[IP] The Real Flu

SNIP>>>>>>The flu is a respiratory illness, characterized by fever, muscle
headaches, and cold-like symptoms. <<<<<<SNIP

When I said NO to flu shots, my doctor said that once I had the real flu, I
would want a shot, because the real FLU is a knock-out of about 5 days of
fever, staying in bed, severely aching body and muscles, headaches, nausa,
very sick, moaning, groaning, kind of sick.   

She said that when most people say "the flu", they either mean a normal
cold, or stomach bug, not the "real" flu.   

Now, since I have never had it, I can't make a distinction.  I do tend to
think it will probably be a big deal, not just a cold. 
Bonnie Richardson 

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