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No Subject

Sheree Ligitt writes:Pins im my feet ? neuoparhy
pisodes, where the pain was so bad that it hurt to
walk. These episodes did pas at s, and I was put on
Tegretol 200 mg twice a day, which up until about 1
1/2 months ago seemed to work taking away the pain and
allowing me to walk and function like a normal person.

Now the medicine is not working, and I am even taking
pain pills at night. By the middle of the afternoon, I
can't even stand on my feet. I have called my doctor,
and he can't get me in till the end of September. Any
advice, or suggestions would be greatly welcomed.

Diabetic neuropathy is very difficult to treat and in some cases may
require narcotic drugs which most sane people would rather avoid. However,,
there are other prescription drugs which might control the pain such as
Elavil or Neurontin. In addition, you might try magnetic insoles of at
least 800 gauss and non prescription alpha lipoic acid and Evening primrose
oil. I'd recommend a neurologist who is experienced in pain control such as
a neuro-oncologist. Since most of us were trained in pain control as well.
Spot and Christine

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