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Re: [IP] Nightime blood sugars - ARGH!

In a message dated Thu, 24 Aug 2000 11:11:07 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Linda Culumovic <email @ redacted> writes:

<< My question is: do other people (and parents) experience this, and what do they do. Also, what do you do when your blood sugar is lower than target at
night. Our endo's target for Adam at 2 hrs post bedtime snack is 8 to 10 (144-180). Sometimes juice seems to be ok, sometimes makes him high, and setting a lower temp basal (even 0.0) for a couple hours doesn't work - he
still tends to drop. Any suggestions?? >>

I'm not a parent and it's been a long time since a was a kid, but here's my opinion anyway:

Juice is what you give for a low right now, not to keep from going low later on.  It's fast acting, but doesn't stay around long.  So if he's not low at the time he drinks the juice, he'll end up high in a little while, unless you compensated for the juice with insulin.  I was always instructed to eat something that'll stick with you (digest slower) for a bedtime snack.  

BTW, dry Special K does not sound too appetizing to me (bleh!). On the other hand, milk gives me trouble with my bg.

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