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[IP] uh Help

Well it happened again, maybe someone can shed some light on this for me.
Last night my bs was at 357 12:05am,  by 1am it was reading 56.  Friend took 
me to the er, I was having a lot of trouble seeing.  When we got to the er I 
was almost comatose with a 36 reading.  They gave me glucose, and a half hour 
later it was still 44, more glucose.  It went up to 55, more glucose.  
Finally it read 171, they sent me home around 5:15am.
On the way home I had to test again the readings I got from my meter this 
morning make no sense at all.  5:35am - 29, 5:38 - lo, 5:46 - 39, 5:51 - 63, 
and 6:06 - 80, right now it's 95. I don't remember getting these readings, 
but I must have done something right because they went up.  I haven't talked 
to my friend yet as to what happened on the way home.  I do remember coming 
in and going to bed.  But I don't remember the ride home.    
Can anyone help with this, it seams when I go low I can't get it to stay back 
up, and I drop so fast that I become disorented.  I am calling the endo today 
to see if he can help, but the last time this happened he couldn't explain it.
My basil rate is 1.5 units an hour, and bolus is 1 unit per 12 carbs.  
Any insight is appreaciated.

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in the ordinary way.
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