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Re: [IP] Re: Flu shot

Maureen, getting a flu shot doesn't mean you won't  get a cold or feel
sick, or  get a fever, or get a bad respiratory viral infection, or throw
up, or even get pnuemonia.  People often use "flu" as a term to indicate a
bad cold, but influenza is a specific disease.   Each year one or more
strains of influenza virus move around the world, and immunization is
recommended for the most susceptible people including diabetics.  Some
strains are much more virulent than others.   If you are exposed after you
are immunized, some people can get a mild case, but you can't get a full
blown case.   Full blown influenza is not just a cold and feeling lousy for
a few days.  It is having very high temperatures, dehydration, and feeling
lousy for weeks.  Many people die.  As in death.  It is not something to be
triffled with.  Yes, not everyone gets the flu, but if it does hit your
region, why take a chance on dying?  The potential side effects are trivial
compared to the potential damage a serious case of influenza can cause.
You don't have to get immunized (and you're free to sky dive or bungie jump
too), but it really is the most prudent and wise choice for diabetics.

<<<<<<<<For me personally, I do not get the flu shot.  I can
literally count the number of times I've the flu in my
life (I had it in 4th and 7th grades, and two years
ago).  Two years my internist and endo convinced me to
get the flu shot.  First off, I threw up for a day and
just felt under the weather for another after I got
the shot.  Then, 3 months later, I got the full blown
flu.  I was throwing up for 4 days and felt miserable
for over a week, and subsisted on sucking on frozen
ice cubes of Sprite (the kind with sugar).  I managed
to get through it at home (with Mom's TLC) due to the
frozen Sprite and being on the "poor man's pump" (I
took UL and then sliding scale of H).  Not fun.  My
endo and internist having witnessed the year before
"disaster", didn't pressure me when I refused the flu
shot this year.  And I didn't get it (although all 3
of my roommates who DID get the flu shot did get the
flu and were sick for extended periods of time, lots
and lots of people seemed to get the flu this year in
the "circle" I spend a lot of time with regardless to
whether they had the flu shot or not).  So, my
personal decision is to not get the flu shot.
However, for most people, I'm sure it is a good thing.

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