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In a message dated 8/24/00 3:25:36 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I have been approved for the "Power of Choice" program by Disetronic and 
 insurance company (without a fight I might add)  now I can ship my 2 oldest 
 friends back and get a new friend in return.  LOL   its a good day
I signed up for the "Power of Choice" also.  I just don't know if i want the 
new pump or not.  It looks bigger but not sure how much.  I know it does a 
lot more, my CDE nurse told me the Dtron would do everything a minimed does 
and more.  They told me I had all fall to decide.  Could you tell me your 
reasons for going with the new pump??  A friend was told the Htron was better 
for more active people.

 Faith and Kewl Blue!
diagnosed 9-81
new pumper!!
started 8-21-2000
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