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[IP] Praise to the Pump!

    I just had to share this info with you in case there was someone out 
there wondering if the pump was all it was said to be. Despite of the ups or 
downs someone may have with the pump, with persistence and an I can do this 
attitude I think the pump is one of the best tools medicine has come across 
in order to make lives happier and healthier.
    A short time ago I thought the pump was going to be a most wonderful 
thing for my almost nine year old. It has turned out to be much more than 
that! The week that school was let out this year my daughter was diagnosed 
with Aplastic Anemia,(Bone Marrow Failure) on top of her already type 1 she 
has had since 13 months of age.  She had to undergo a treatment of ATG and 
cyclosporine as well as the wonderful steroid Prednisone in order to suppress 
her immune system with the hopes of all of this putting the AA into 
remission.  There are some of you who know what prednisone can do to one's 
blood sugars. Well, at the time of treatment Jenna was taking 3-1/2x's the 
amount of insulin she normally took just with her basal rates. On top of that 
her carb ratio was moved to 5 carbs per unit. Well, might I say 
again...Praise to the pump!  We managed to keep the BG's down after only 1 
-1/2 days of fighting and readjusting those rates. She managed to keep a 7.4 
a1c during all of that!  Without the pump she would not have been able to 
come home after the initial treatment. This led to only an 8 day stay in the 
hospital verses a four week stay.  Was I ever Thankful for that amazing 
little piece of equipment!!!!

Laurie Mom of Jenna
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