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[IP] illness = Dx

SNIP>>>>>My question is how many people had a virus like the mumps before
and do you have anymore autoimmune illnesses? I developed thyroid problems 5
yrs later. For the women, how many developed endometriosis as I did? It is
beleived to be caused by autoimmune responses in some cases also. Just
curious as to whether I am a minority here... April<<<<<<<<SNIP

April, many of us pumpers seem to have been diagnosed after some illness - I
remember many "conversations" about this in past pumpers digests (somewhere
in the past 4-5 years of this outstanding list - how old is this list
anyway?  Should an anniversary be coming up?)  We can all send anniversary
donations.....Yeah IP List!!!).  Oh, yeah, I was diagnosed after a
particularly vicious sinus infection, I do get those every few years.
Almost 6 weeks to the date I was hospitalized Juvenile Diabetes at the age
of 44 and stayed in the hospital two weeks with all these delightful teenage
boys.  Anyway, there was no diabetes in my family, but Mother had Thyroid
cancer and thyroid problems seems to be another thing that we have in

While I don't know of any research on it, maybe Michael or someone does,
there difinitely seems to be some sort of connection with  autoimmune
problems and diabetes.  It will be interesting to see results when studies
are done connecting these things.  
Bonnie Richardson 

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