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[IP] RE: Two Flu Shots

John Kinsley wrote:

'I think the pediatrician might be well informed according to the American
Diabetes Association. The ADA, gave its position statement, Immunization and
the Prevention of Influenza and Pneumococcal Disease in People With
Diabetes, in Diabetes Care, vol 23, S1, Jan 2000, p91. I copied and pasted
below the appropriate information from:

'"Although antibody responses to repeat immunization have been reported to
be greater in some people with diabetes, repeated immunization within the
same season is not recommended (3). The ACIP does recommend two doses of
influenza vaccine administered at least 1 month apart (the last administered
before December) for children <9 years of age who have never been vaccinated
(2)." ACIP = Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices 

'There had been some concern in the past that people with diabetes did not
respond to vaccines as well as people without diabetes and would benefit
from a second dose. Therefore, some thought it prudent to give a second
vaccine to all diabetics but this practice never gained much acceptance.'

After doing some double checking, I stand corrected regarding the two doses
in children who have not been previously vaccinated.  I apologize to
everyone, and particularly Michael for *MY* misinformation.  There's one
particular problem, however, with having two doses a month apart, and it is
particularly exacerbated this year: the first dose is often too late in the
year to allow two doses and still be effective.  The first dose would
generally have to be no later than early October, and many places aren't set
up to begin that soon.  And this year, it's expected that the vaccine will
be later than usual due to problems in production.  Additionally, there
probably won't be as much vaccine available as in past years.

Jim Handsfield
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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