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[IP] Eyes

Well Ashley you are certanly  not alone. I have had almost 600 laser shots to my
eyes (directed shots and scatter ablation) . I believe that the vitrectomy does
have some recovery time, so keep the faith. I also am a 15 year diabetic just
now going on the pump. I hope that with it I can keep the vision from from
degrading more. One of my prime motivators. My prepump A1C's were over 8. My
post pump BS are very tight around 100. Too early for new A1C's as I have only
been on the pump for a month. I have also suffered degradation in my night
vision, but thankfully my day vision has stayed OK. I go in for a check the week
after next knock on wood.

Well if misery loves company I'll be there. I am not sure that there is much to
do to restore what we have lost. Just keep it from getting worse. I do have
great support from my wife, and my two dogs (Schipperke) which also help keep me
active. They are ratters, and very curious into every kind of mischief they kind
find, but have not figured out about waking me for low BS's  like some of the
other pumper dogs, but they love their boat  and boating.

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