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[IP] load of cr*p

the AP sent out that news story that
"Diabetes increased at an alarming rate in the United States during the past 
decade — rising 70 percent among people in their 30s — and health experts 
are blaming the wired-up culture and fast-food diet of the 1990s."

Did ya read the fine print on how they conducted this so called STUDY???  
They CALLED people, I assume randomly, and ASKED them if they had 
diabetes...Now call me crazy but, has not the whole campaign of the ADA to 
bring AWARENESS of diabetes to the whatever whopping percent of people who 
HAVE diabetes but don't KNOW it???  So wouldnt you THINK that in 10 years 
awareness has increased adn NATURALLY more people KNOW they have it?  it 
isn't that more people HAVE it, it is just more people KNOW they have it.

Plus, people, in this age of "coming out" are more likely to "expose" their 
illness than they were 10 years ago.

The stupid article goes on to say
"DIABETES IS closely tied to obesity, and doctors say the higher incidence of 
the disease is due in large part to America’s weight problem.  Obesity is 
“not just a cosmetic issue anymore,” said Dr. Frank Vinicor.

This is a stupid stupid story.  ONE kind of diabetes is tied to obesity, if 
you want to speak in GENERAL terms, and there is no irrefutable evidence that 
there even IS a higher incidence in the disease...CALLING people and asking 
them?  Even taking a look at medical records will be misleading...cuz more 
doctors are becoming enlightened and "discovering" that their long ailing 
patient actually has diabetes!  

ALL this story does, in my opinion, is make people look at diabetics "IN 
GENERAL" and shake their heads as they say, "ya know, if you just got more 
exercise and lost some weight, you would probably not need that insulin..."  
On a secondary level, it keeps it in the back of the public's mind that "wow, 
guess my governemtn really is addressing some health issues...lookee here at 
this big ole study they did," so people are less apt to PUSH for more 
funding, more research.."hell, sweetie, we don't need to spend more money on 
diabetes research, you just need to spend less money on oreos!"

"The share of the population diagnosed with diabetes jumped 33 percent 
nationally, to 6.5 percent, between 1990 and 1998....The rise crossed races 
and age groups but was sharpest among people ages 30 to 39."

Could this have ANYTHING to do with the fact that this age group is the tale 
end of the baby boomers.  It is a demographic fact that the baby boomers in 
general are more educated than the generations of 10, 20, 30 years ago...

This is yet another stupid bandaid put on finding the cure for diabetes..."oh 
we have found the CAUSE of diabetes...your inability to control your eating 
habits and get off your fat a** isn't OUR problem."  It is time for us to 
join hands...Rise up my brothers and sisters, including you type 2s and you 
type weird people, and make a noise. Test in public, demand equal time on the 
soda dispenser at McDonalds, let your tubings hang where they may, demand 
more financial support of research in CURES, not stupid BANDAIDS like 

thank you...and good night

Sara SP
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