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[IP] Re: 2 Flu shots

> > for children under a certain age/weight, it is standard
> > practice for them
> > to receive two smaller doses of the vaccine the first year they are
> > immunized and the regular dose in following years.
> > Source -- our family pediatrician.
> I suggest that your pediatrician is also misinformed.  According to the
> there is no recommendation for the dose to be divided into two shots for
> children.  The only restriction is that the child be 6 months or older,
> it's recommended that a 1 inch needle be used to inject into the deltoid
> muscle rather than the triceps with a 1.5 inch needle as is common in
> adults.  For children who are at high risk for influenza, the vaccine may
> given at the same time as other childhood vaccinations.  Source:
> http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/diseases/flu/fluvac.htm.

I think the pediatrician might be well informed according to the American
Diabetes Association.  The ADA, gave its position statement, Immunization
and the Prevention of Influenza and Pneumococcal Disease in People With
Diabetes, in Diabetes Care, vol 23, S1, Jan 2000, p91.  I copied and pasted
below the appropriate information from:

"Although antibody responses to repeat immunization have been reported to be
greater in some people with diabetes, repeated immunization within the same
season is not recommended (3). The ACIP does recommend two doses of
influenza vaccine administered at least 1 month apart (the last administered
before December) for children <9 years of age who have never been vaccinated

ACIP = Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices

There had been some concern in the past that people with diabetes did not
respond to vaccines as well as people without diabetes and would benefit
from a second dose.  Therefore, some thought it prudent to give a second
vaccine to all diabetics but this practice never gained much acceptance.

CDC: "Infants and young children should be vaccinated in the anterolateral
aspect of the thigh."

John Kinsley
Type 1 - 1956
MM 507 -  6/9/98

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