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Re: [IP] Flu shots ON TIME!

On 24 Aug 00, at 13:48, Alecia Wesner wrote:

> I had my first and LAST flu shot during college.  A week later, I
> was the sickest I've ever been! Syracuse University Health Center
> told me I must have caught whatever made me so sick prior to the
> flu shot...

>From a WebMD article.... 

"Sometimes, an unpredicted new strain may appear after the vaccine has 
been manufactured and distributed, resulting in infection even among those 
who received flu vaccine. Usually, however, the disease is milder because 
the vaccine will provide some protection. 

Since the immune system takes time to respond to vaccination, the 
inactivated vaccine should be given 6 to 8 weeks before flu season begins 
in order to stimulate enough antibodies to prevent infection or reduce the 
severity of the illness. The vaccine itself cannot cause flu, but someone 
could become exposed and infected soon after vaccination, before 
antibodies develop. " 

So the stories you hear about "I got the vaccine and then I got the Flu" are 
not out of line, just out of date.     ;>)

I get the vaccine every year and provide it to all my employees.  I know that 
they won't end up in ICU without it (I did) but it just makes economic sense, 
$10 or at least one (probably 5, counting lower productivity) lost work days.


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