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[IP] Nightime blood sugars - ARGH!

Hi everyone! Adams daytime blood sugars have been great, but night time is
giving me some major headaches and sleepless nights!

He still has a snack. We tried to phase it out, but he resisted, and the
few times we managed to skip it, he woke up starving in the middle of the
night and wanted food. 

His usual snack at night has been one slice of whole wheat toast with
butter and a bit of cinammon sugar, with water or sugar free koolaid to
drink. He also likes cereal - rice crispies or special k (dry, no milk) and
sometimes a minigo yogurt and arrowroot.  

We find after 2 hours with the toast he is usually ok, after the cereal he
is usually higher - 15 (or 270 US).  After our last visit to the endo he
noticed this trend of higher bs 2 afters after bedtime snack, and
recommended a 1 to 18 ratio ( normal is 1:20). It seemed to work, but not
always with cereal. The night time basals that I have been using
successfully for a few months seem to be useless:

9 pm to 12 am .3
12 am to 2:30  .1
2:30 to 6:30     .2

He is all over the place. Tonight he was 7.4 two hours after toast, (133)
and an hour later was 4.7 (84). I gave him 3/4 of a junior juice a few
minutes ago. Last night he was 4.5 (81) at 10 pm, so I woke him up and gave
him juice. An hour later he was only 6.0 (108). He was 4.5 (81) again at
2:30, so I gave him more juice, and of course he woke up at 16 (288)!

I was hoping to do some basal testing tonight, but with the juice just
given, I guess it wouldn't give proper results! I'll try tomorrow night. 

My question is: do other people (and parents) experience this, and what do
they do. Also, what do you do when your blood sugar is lower than target at
night. Our endo's target for Adam at 2 hrs post bedtime snack is 8 to 10
(144-180). Sometimes juice seems to be ok, sometimes makes him high, and
setting a lower temp basal (even 0.0) for a couple hours doesn't work - he
still tends to drop. Any suggestions??

Linda, mom to Adam, 4.5, pumping 6 months with Minimed 508 (beep-beep)
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