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[IP] My pump failed xxx times in yyy months

I agree 100% No tomatoes, here.

Started MM in Feb. 2000 and it malfunctioned after a severe static shock 
first week and couldn't be revived (I always wear that black case now). 
Anyway, customer emergency help line was a dream despite the nightmare of 
having the pump croak. They talked me through everything and were very 
knowledgable.They sent a replacement by next day. Have not had a single 
problem with new one and I love my MM 508.

I've read others unhappy with other brand pump customer service and support 
with problems, so what's better?. Difficulties with any company I think it's 
best to get on the phone and raise heck. I called my pump trainer & doctor 
and they contacted MM!!!! Regional manager/ supervisor called me immediately. 

I'd say keep calling... complaining...Have medical team do the same. Over and 
over again. They want to keep customers.

Had prob with another supply company and after calling dozens of times and 
getting nowhere, they said, "Oh, man, look at this file..." It took that long 
to get their attention but they documented it all and the situation was 
finally resolved.
Beth & Oscar (a little blue MM508)
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