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[IP] Re: autoimmune illnesses

 My question is how many people had a virus like the mumps before diagnosis?
 and do you have anymore autoimmune illnesses? I developed thyroid problems 5
 yrs later. For the women, how many developed endometriosis as I did? It is
 beleived to be caused by autoimmune responses in some cases also. Just
 as to whether I am a minority here... April >>

April, I had chicken pox about three months before I was diagnosed.  My 
pediatrician thought that was why I developed diabetes (no one else in my 
family back to my great grandparents has ever had it), and I've never 
developed thyroid problems or endometriosis (yet, anyway), but I do have a 
horrible time getting over colds and, right now, have had sinusitis for three 
months.  The ear nose & throat specialist I just started seeing told me 
diabetics generally have problems getting over colds and sinus infections, 
though, so maybe that has nothing to do with it.  Anyway, I'm not too 
familiar on what is an autoimmune disorder and what is not; I just know that 
chicken pox is one and I'm glad to know I'm not alone in being diagnosed 
after having one!
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