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[IP] re:The Newbie's Tales of Set Changes

>That's where I'm at right now.  Someday maybe I will be as wise as Bob 
>Bennin and others>
Sherry C. from the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Still working on that tape problem.>

Well, Sherry C. and all of you-- this is from the not soooo wise one today. 
We usually can make a set change with no hassles. Everything was all 
prepared, the reservoir filed, the tubing primed, all the skin prepared for 
my harpooning and it looked like a nice good job well done. Then I jumped 
into the neighbor's car and went off to Tucson to check out Home Depot and 
all the supplies for replacing a floor.

So we came out and I bolused 4 units for lunch and told the guy that I went 
with(husband of a hopeful pumper) this will be a very good reading--I just 
feel it in my bones so I took the reading and it was a 275.  Then we decided 
to go and eat Chinese food--I said that won't be a problem-like any great 
pumper--no problem when you have the pump.  What you need to know is that I 
want his wife to go on a pump. Next I bolused 4 units  for the lunch.  As it 
reached about 3 units it started to make the no delivery noise, so I just 
told him no problem again and bolused just 1 unit.  Well that didn't work 
when it reached .6 it said no delivery again.  So being the wise old one (HA 
Ha) tried yet another bolus but this time I only tried .5 and that didn't 
even work. Now we were on the way home(80 miles) and he asked me how I was 
feeling.  Good I said and I think I was. So he asked me to take my blood 
test and I did and to my surpise I was a bit high at 520, so I broke down 
and took a shot to get back to normal. (Fortunately my wife MADE me pack the 
ER kit with the syringes and insulin in it.)

So from this post you can see we all do try to do our best and like I told 
the man--no fear we have it under control.   As it turned out--the cannula 
was bent so it must have hit muscle (us wise old ones do still have lots of 
that).  And now to the reinserting (for the second time in one day) a new 
infusion set.  It makes me feel like it's time to get with the harpoon and 
start pumping again. So let's all just laugh and be happy with all our 
stories and the different experiences we can all relate to as NUMBER 1 
PUMPERS. So the result of this story is don't change the new set and run (as 
my wife always tells me).  By the way I just tested an now I'm 73 not too 
bad for all that fun!!

email @ redacted
Type I for 44 years
Began pumping w/MM 507C 8/31/99
.....and loving it

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