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[IP] To do...or not to do... Flu shots

That seems to be the question...

Ok, I think doctors are recommending that everyone (diabetic or not) get the
flu shot.  In the area where I live they are expecting vast shortages of the
vaccine and many people may not be able to get them until it is too late
into the 'flu season'.  On that note, if YOU do plan on getting the flu shot
you may want to schedule it ASAP.

In my case I won't and I have pretty good reasons.  When I had the flu shot
5 years ago I got very sick from the flu about 3 weeks afterwards.  I wasn't
hospitalized, but my mom almost wishes I had been. :)  Two years ago I got
the Pneumonia vaccine which the doctor talked me into.  She guilted me into
it after I turned her down for the flu shot with the above reasons.  Then
about 2-3 weeks later I felt like I was coming down with something and the
symptoms hit me pretty fast and hard.  I immediately saw the doctor and she
diagnosed my problems as being a mild case of pneumonia.  So we agreed I
should stop taking the vaccine.

I have a theory that my body is a germ oven with a very tight door.  They
have a really hard time getting in, but once they do they get all cooked. :)
Looking back, I realize that I was diagnosed with D about 4 weeks after
getting all my school immunizations (Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Tetnes(sp?)).
I was 4 years old. Hmmm....I also had a wicked bad rash from head to toe
that no one could figure out.  Wonder if it was a mild case of Measles,
Mumps, and Rubella all at once. :)

I rarely ever get sick.  Most of my sniffles come from being allergic to
dust in the winter. :)

-- Sherry
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