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Re: [IP] Flu shots

With flu shots as with everything else, YMMV.  Personally, I think it's
better to be inoculated against anything I can be inoculated against -- some
years I've gotten a flu-like illness and other years I haven't.  I've been
getting flu shots since they first came out (including the infamous swine
flue vaccine), and I don't know how you'd tell (barring an antibody test,
which I personally don't want to pay for) whether what is making you sick
was what they included in this year's flu shot or not.  I just try to avoid
ANY avoidable illness, and in my case, flu shots seem to keep me out of the
hospital with this year's crud and don't make me sick.  If I were sensitive
to them (so that I got sick immediately after the shot), I'd do differently.
I do get every cold virus that goes around at work, so for me, the flu shot
is worth getting every year.

Just my 2 cents.

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