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[IP] Better Control/Worsening Complications

My last hem. A1C was 6.7 and since going on the pump in 1997 I have never went
above 8.0. My endo has warned me along though that each time we achieve even
tighter control to expect a worsening in complications especially the eyes.
Since I have alll of the complications and am legally blind I should have
known when I had so many lows over the last month to expect this... I woke up
day before yesterday with blood globs floating all through out my vitreous.
Tomorrow I will go for my 9th or is it 10th? lazer surgery. This one is in the
only eye that I can see some out of. I had a disaterous victrectomy on the
other eye 4 yrs ago and never regained my sight from it.

I am broken hearted as I know that I lose more vision each time I am lazered.
I am also upset with my retinologist cause I had just went to him 3 weeks ago
and he told me I had a tiny vessel bleeding that he thought would be okay
without lazer and told me to return in 6 months. I know that these bleeds can
be spontaneous but it seems like he should see the new vessels before they
break loose. This is about the 5th time this has happened like this. I have
had proliferative retinopahty with macula edema for 10 yrs. and he said that
he thought that I shouldn't be growing any new vessels anymore? This was
sevreal surgeries ago that he stated that.

So please keep in mind that if you have complications and especially
retinopathy that tighter control can cause this.Meanwhile, I am staring at a
computer screen through a black maze and alot of shooting pains in my eye. Oh
well, I will survive, just thought I would warn the person who asked about
their eyes getting worse despite better control.

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