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Re: [IP] My pump failed xxx times in yyy months

On 24 Aug 00, at 13:19, Yerachmiel Altman wrote:

> I think the complaints about Minimed should be met with some support from 

I think the Minimed complaints should be ignored!  I do, and I wear a 
Disetronic.  I just chose it because I liked the way it operated. YMMV

> Anyway: I think that for many potential newbies on the list (those that either 
> haven't yet bought their pump or who are considering an upgrade) the relative 
> merits of each of the pumps must be weighed.  I think Minimed has an excellent 
> support staff and goes out of their way to help people who need it.

And the same goes for Animas and Disetronic.  This isn't a "good guy, 
bad guy" competition.  It's just mechanics and operation procedures 
that appeal differently to each of us.  So the newbies would do well to 
listen to Yerachmiel and others who have worn pumps for years. BUT 
they should also go TRY the different pumps THEMSELVES!     ;>)

> I'll get off my soapbox now and let you guys throw tomatoes at me.  Please 
> make sure they are not too ripe as I love eating tomatoes and if you are going 
> to give them to me anyway please make them in edible form :->.

Yerachmiel, let's both meet in Bunol Spain for La Tomatina, the festival 
of the tomatoes where everyone gets pasted!  

George        ;>)

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