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Re: [IP] Education - Type II

> Michael wrote:
> > The problem will really only be resolved when the education trickles
> > down to those affected. When type II's rise up as the pumpers on this
> > forum have, then the information would become widely available.
> > 
> > IP could start a Type II forum, but it would not do any good if
> > no-one joined. Definetly a chicken and egg problem. Lily used to have
> > a teacher that was type II, and from visiting with him I could tell
> > just from looking that he was high all the time. I talked to him
> > about it a little, but he was relatively uninterested. His perception
> > was that he wasn't broken and didn't need to be fixed. Oh well......
> There are several lists out there that serve those Type 2's who are
> interested.
> I don't think the solution is in computer lists per se, but in
> teaching those who teach the public (the media, for example), that
> Type 2 is a serious illness.

Oh, I agree.... I was just making the example of "if you throw a 
party and nobody comes". The general level of diabetes awareness is 
way too low in both the medical profession and the general public.
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