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[IP] Autoimmune Question

As most of us have read, some strains of type 1 DM is caused by an autoimmune
response to a group of viruses called the coxsackie viruses. This seems to be
the case with me because when I was 10 yrs. old I had a full blown case of
mumps over Christmas vacation. Two yrs later during Christmas vacation I
became comatose from undiagnosed DKA after losing 42 lbs. in one month. You
may wander why my parents let this go on so long but the fact is is that my
Mom took me to an elderly doc who did no tests but looked at me and said "I
think it is just a stage she is going through, make sure she eats more". He
gave some tablets ( later found out they were placebos and my Mom tried fixing
me milkshakes and french toast but I looked more like a skeleton every day.
Thank God she got a second oppinion. The pediatrician told her if she had not
brought me in I would not have made it another hour. It was 1971, the year was
like the dark ages for medical treatment of DM as I am sure a lot of you can
attest to.

My question is how many people had a virus like the mumps before diagnosis?
and do you have anymore autoimmune illnesses? I developed thyroid problems 5
yrs later. For the women, how many developed endometriosis as I did? It is
beleived to be caused by autoimmune responses in some cases also. Just curious
as to whether I am a minority here... April 

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