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Re: [IP] Education - Type II

Michael wrote:
> The problem will really only be resolved when the education trickles
> down to those affected. When type II's rise up as the pumpers on this
> forum have, then the information would become widely available.
> IP could start a Type II forum, but it would not do any good if
> no-one joined. Definetly a chicken and egg problem. Lily used to have
> a teacher that was type II, and from visiting with him I could tell
> just from looking that he was high all the time. I talked to him
> about it a little, but he was relatively uninterested. His perception
> was that he wasn't broken and didn't need to be fixed. Oh well......

There are several lists out there that serve those Type 2's who are

I don't think the solution is in computer lists per se, but in teaching
those who teach the public (the media, for example), that Type 2 is a
serious illness.

I was appalled at a recent mailing from JDF that, while claiming that 16
million Americans have diabetes (true, if and only if you include Type
2's), made sure to state that Type 1 was the "more serious" form, and
they were working on a cure for Type 1.  

Well, that message, oft repeated, is why your Type 2 friends are
uninterested in tight control. They've been assured that their form of
diabetes isn't serious, and needn't be monitored very much. And oh well,
complications are just aging, aren't they??????

My first diabetes education class assured ME that a fasting number of
150 was good to aim for (meaning, it didn't matter if you were
frequently above!), and it didn't matter if I went over 300 or 350 after
a meal -- what mattered was that I didn't go hypo. It was only after
associating with long-term AND educated Type 1's that I realized what a
bunch of puckey that was.  

I've mentioned this before, but although I'm NOT a Type 1, my doc has me
classified as one -- and I'm not going to argue with him for a second --
Type 1's get better care. 

Meanwhile, I try to educate every diabetic I meet -- Diabetic
Underground Education System -- acronym: DUES as in we've paid ours!

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