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[IP] Gastroparesis

I know that I am waiting a little late to chime in here but I read the digest
version of these posts and have been meaning to respond to someone's question
about what the dr. recommends as treatment protocol for gastroparesis. I have
had type 1 for 29 years and in 1996 had my first EGD for what i thought was
constant indigestion. The gastroenterolgist at that time put me on metoclopram
(Reglan) despite his hestitancy to do so. He told me that it has a lot of side
effects which I found to be true. Meanwhile I also took propulsid which gave
me headaches and did not help and prevacid, tagamet and also tried axid. The
medicine that helps me the most is prilosec ( expensive at over 200.00 a
I recently had another EGD because of winding up in the hospital due to severe
dehydration from gastropathy. This one showed my condtion had worsened quite a
bit with gastritis, esophogus changes, nodules and atrophy of digestive tract
due to gastropathy. The regimen that he has me on now is prilosec twice a day,
eyrthromycin suspension (kept in the refridgerator) and lactulose. The
eyrthromycin really helps my stomach when it starts hurting. I still have
reflux every night but that is my fault for sometimes indulging in fat such as
a little bit of margerine (he told me to avoid it altogether because it slows
down everything). I have kidney failure but I am not sure but what the
gastroparesis is more aggravating. The worst though is the severe retinopathy
cause I hate losing more vision all the time but that is another story.... You
do have to find a diet that works well with your controlling the pain in the
stomach that it is :) April

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