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Re: [IP] Flu shots

YAY!!  I am not the only alien being from another planet here.....!
Then again, this is a list predominently of type ones...... :-)
Everytime I got the flu shot, I could count on being sick as anything for
the two weeks of the holidays...So I had it done earlier one year, and later
the next, made no difference.
Then I said "Well, I'll get sick anyway so s**** it." and omitted this "Very
important step".....1989 was the last time I had a flu shot, and ironically,
the last time I have had a flu or cold.
I too, am not allergic to  eggs.

Jenny S.
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From: "Sherry Webb Nolan" <
Subject: RE: [IP] Flu shots

> Only had one 5 years ago and got incredibly sick afterwards with the FLU.
> haven't had the flu since nor the flu shot.
> For most of you, maybe even all of you the flu shot may be a good idea,
> for me I am staying clear.  (I am not allergic to eggs if someone was
> to ask that).
> -- Sherry

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