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Re: [IP] Education - Type II

> Bonnie Richardson wrote
> SNIP>>>>Michael said:  The thing that is really unknown is whether
> the incidence is really up or just that the cases are being reported
> the previously went unreported because of a lack of awareness on the
> part of doctors and patients about the need to test for the presence
> of type II in routine physicals.<<<<<<SNIP
> The lack of education from Doctors for Type IIs seems to me to a
> very serious issue.  ................  I am beginning to wonder what I can do, and
> who should we be yelling to about the importance of education for
> OK, I will calm down now.  Thank you for letting me yell!  

The problem will really only be resolved when the education trickles 
down to those affected. When type II's rise up as the pumpers on this 
forum have, then the information would become widely available. 

IP could start a Type II forum, but it would not do any good if 
no-one joined. Definetly a chicken and egg problem. Lily used to have 
a teacher that was type II, and from visiting with him I could tell 
just from looking that he was high all the time. I talked to him 
about it a little, but he was relatively uninterested. His perception 
was that he wasn't broken and didn't need to be fixed. Oh well......
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