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No Subject

SNIP>>>>>For most of you, maybe even all of you the flu shot may be a good
idea, but
for me I am staying clear.  (I am not allergic to eggs if someone was going
to ask that).  -- Sherry<<<<<SNIP

Thank you, Sherry.  I second the motion. I have never had a flu shot, I have
never had the flu.  I had to argue with my Doc every year.  Finally, she
knows that the first time I get the flu I will be a regular customer, but
not till then.   I don't want to mess up whatever good thing going on in my
body is keeping me from every having the flu.  Besides, everyone I know ends
up getting the flu anyway.  Maybe it keeps them from having it as bad.  

Just in case there are one or two of you who don't do flu shots, you are not
alone, right Sherry?!
Bonnie  (who just seems to be chatty cathy today)  

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