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[IP] Education - Type II

SNIP>>>>Michael said:  The thing that is really unknown is whether the
incidence is really up or 
just that the cases are being reported the previously went unreported 
because of a lack of awareness on the part of doctors and patients about 
the need to test for the presence of type II in routine physicals.<<<<<<SNIP

The lack of education from Doctors for Type IIs seems to me to a very
serious issue.   I have run into 3 type 2s who had no idea about carbs,
don't know how pancreas works, don't appear to know (though it could be
denial) the importance of control of bgs, don't know the importance of
having an endo, and whose doctors (usually a family or internal doc) say
just watch your diet, but whose bgs are constantly in the 200s.    It is
hard to know what is the reason, lack of education all around for sure.   It
upsets me a great deal.  My friend from Knoxville (remember not long ago I
asked for pumpers' help in locating an endo there).  She really went through
a major effort to get to see an endo, ending up calling the office every day
till she could be seen (endo not taking anyone without referral, her doc
wouldn't refer her, receptionist stopping all efforts, etc.).  The blessed
endo got her into a diabetes education program, serious education, and she
has ended up on NPH injection once a day and for the first time in 8 years
has a bg around 130!   She told me in May she would rather die than have to
take shots.    Fortunately, reality kicked in and as much as she hates
needles, she loves life and good health more.  She says she is feeling
better than she has felt in years.   

I didn't mean to ramble on, but since I recently met two more diabetics
(type 2s) who seemed to have docs that don't worry about those average 200+
bgs,  I am beginning to wonder what I can do, and who should we be yelling
to about the importance of education for ALL PHYSICIANS.   

OK, I will calm down now.  Thank you for letting me yell!  
Bonnie Richardson

Bonnie Richardson
Contracts Administrator
PH: 256-382-1188, X1141
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