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[IP] Flu shots

I had my fist and LAST flu shot during college.  A
week later, I was the sickest I've ever been! 
Syracuse University Health Center told me I must have
caught whatever made me so sick prior to the flu
shot...This is also the same fine Medical center that
mis-diagnosed Mono as a "possible cancerous tumor of
the throat" (Yeah, my parents threat of a law suit
after that fiasco worked so well, that when I was
treated for a sore throat, they told a girl with A
NAIL THROUGH HER HAND that they would see her next,
since I had been there first...I let her have my turn)
 Anyway, I would take the flu anyday over the awful
illness that landed me in the hospital!
I also once had a doctor who was diabetic that
suggested a flu shot.  I asked her if she was gonna
get one and she said that she couldn't give out
medical information about herself (ummmm...WHAT?)
After a little prying, she admitted that she wouldn't
"subject herself to that"...hummm, made me think
twice. -Alecia

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