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[IP] Wahooo! A1C, CGMS, Ultraflex...

Had a great visit this morning with our CDE. Shane's A1C came back at
6.7, even though he spent those 3 weeks in Chicago intentionally running
a bit on the high side. All his other tests, kidneys, etc. came back
normal. This is SO much better than 18 months ago we can still hardly
believe it! Then she proceeded to tell us that MM has offered to let 6
patients at the clinic try the CGMS for free so the CDEs can decide how
useful it would be for them to own one. Since we have been pestering her
for about 7 months now about when are they going to get a CGMS, she
offered to let Shane be one of the 6. We start our 72 hours on Sept 12
at 1pm. Any previous people that have done this have any advice? And,
last but not least, as luck would have it, the Disetronic rep is
stopping in this afternoon to visit with our CDE and show her "the
latest and greatest", so she has promised to try to obtain an ultraflex
for Shane to try. Don't know if he will "happen" to have any or not, but
its worth a shot!
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