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Re: [IP] The Newbie's Tales of Set Changes

In a message dated Thu, 24 Aug 2000  9:47:31 AM Eastern Daylight Time, "Sherry Compton" <email @ redacted> writes:

<< I had a set all prepared: the reservoir ready, tubing primed, skin
prepped, then I put the set into the softserter, and I injected it WITHOUT TAKING THE PAPER OFF the adhesive on the underside of the
wing-things.  I felt like a real idiot removing and reinserting that one  >>


I did that exact same thing on about my 2nd or 3rd set insertion.  Of course I realized that I'd forgotten to remove the backing in that nanosecond between when I pressed the button on the soft-serter and when the needle was set.  However, I decided that I REALLY didn't want to waste a site over that and decided to go ahead and tape it all down and just see if it would stay.  It did make it 3 days, however I was ready to have it out on the 3rd day.  It wasn't very comfortable by then.

I think having the sticky missing probably allows the set to move around a bit more than it would if it were firmly stuck to the skin rather than just clamped down with the tape patch. 

I had another forehead slapper just after I had replaced my set that had come loose after getting all sweaty.  The tape was coming loose and I was hoping to just retape it.  But, the set fell out before I could get it taped.  I replaced the reservour and all.  Right after I was finished, I realized that all I needed to replace was the set itself.  I could've just disconnected the old one at the QR and left the reservour alone (other than priming)! 

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