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Re: [IP] The Newbie's Tales of Set Changes

Been there, done that!  More than once....  ;-)

Ok,  I have been on the pump since June 2000 and I am having
some problems with my MicroSets (the smaller SoftSet) coming off
when I sweat a lot.  My "normal" routine is to use IV Prep, put done
an IV 3000 (have also tried polyskin & tegaderm), insert the MicroSet,
put the MM tape over it.

Last night I played basketball and before half time it was coming
loose.  Any suggestions?  Oh yeah, I have also tried putting down a
little Tincture of Benzoin before I put on the IV 3000 and it only
seems to marginally help.

I am open to all suggestions on how to solve this problem. Also, for
any of you using Benzoin, how do you use it?  Is there any difference
between Compound of Benzoin and Tincture of Benzoin?


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