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RE: [IP] Mini Med

> Right on Bonnie!
> I have had my MM508 going on 7 months with this one (the 4 months
> with my first went smoothly too.  They took it back because of the
> software recall announced in October).
> At the support group I go to there is a member that had so much
> trouble with his Disetronic that he switched to a MM.  

Everyone must remember that NOBODY complains about the pumps that 
work well. There are almost 2600 members of this forum and we will 
generally only hear about the things that cause problems --- that's 
why we are all here, to help each other deal with those problems. I 
would expect to hear more MM horror stories because around 80% of us 
use MM pumps, that being their US marketshare. So let's quite bashing 
one pump company or another and just be thankful that this technology 
exists and can give us or our children some sembalance of a normal 
life instead of the MDI hell that was there "before".

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