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RE: [IP] Flu shots

Sherry Webb Nolan [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> Only had one 5 years ago and got incredibly sick afterwards 
> with the FLU.  I
> haven't had the flu since nor the flu shot.
> For most of you, maybe even all of you the flu shot may be a 
> good idea, but
> for me I am staying clear.  (I am not allergic to eggs if 
> someone was going
> to ask that).

It's still a good idea for you to have vaccine.  In developing the vaccine
formula for a given year, the previous year activity data are gathered and
from that the strains to be covered are determined.  Typically, the vaccine
for any given year contains antibodies for two strains of type A influenza
and one of type B influenza.  That's one of the reasons one should be
re-immunized each year.  The vaccine will have little or no effect if one
comes in contact with a different strain.  In all likelihood, you were
unfortunate to come in contact with a different strain.

Jim Handsfield
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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