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[IP] My pump failed xxx times in yyy months

On Wed, 23 Aug 2000 MARK HAYWOOD wrote:

>My 507c doesn't work either and I only wore it for 8 months.  I switched to a
>Disetronic, as well.  I am tired of dealing with MiniMed and they send me a
>refurbished pump.
>> <<  One year and three pumps later and thousands of dollars spent I am not
>> very
>>  dissatisfied with MM. >>
>> You are making me very glad I went with Diseronic!
I think the complaints about Minimed should be met with some support from 
those of us who are happy with their pump (like me).  I have been pumping 
almost over 19 years and have had almost every pump made connected to me at 
one time or another (Jan I found the manual for the CPI 9100 which I tried out 
for two weeks  a long time ago)

I feel that Minimed has a lot of dedicated workers who are trying very hard to 
make and support a good product.  Yes, the pump is a mechanical device and yes 
it does have it's problems but this is something that we should all have been 
aware of before starting on the pump

(I remember the doctor who got me my original AutoSyringe AS6c one day going 
into his office in tears because the pump 'didn't cure anyone'.  When I asked 
him WHY he thought it would CURE anyone he just got more upset.  He has put 
years into R&D of pumps and testing and really thought this would be the 
beginning of the answer, 20 years ago.  When the sensor is out and I get a 
working one I am planning on going to visit him and show him the machine).

Anyway: I think that for many potential newbies on the list (those that either 
haven't yet bought their pump or who are considering an upgrade) the relative 
merits of each of the pumps must be weighed.  I think Minimed has an excellent 
support staff and goes out of their way to help people who need it.

I think some of us have gotten a bad responce from them (which I would have 
followed with a call to a supervisor or an email to minimed site, both of 
which have proven track records to get things working correctly).

If anyone has a problem with their pumps (whatever brand they are) they should 
not have to suffer and wait and wait but they should also understand that this 
is a mechanical device prone to mechanical failure.

I'll get off my soapbox now and let you guys throw tomatoes at me.  Please 
make sure they are not too ripe as I love eating tomatoes and if you are going 
to give them to me anyway please make them in edible form :->.

Yerachmiel Altman

 The opinions expressed here are mine and no one elses.

 If you like them you have my permission to use them as
 long as my wife gets credit for any good ideas (who I
 probably got them from in the first place)

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