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RE: [IP] Flu shots

Michael Robinton [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> for children under a certain age/weight, it is standard 
> practice for them 
> to receive two smaller doses of the vaccine the first year they are 
> immunized and the regular dose in following years. 
> Source -- our family pediatrician.

I suggest that your pediatrician is also misinformed.  According to the CDC,
there is no recommendation for the dose to be divided into two shots for
children.  The only restriction is that the child be 6 months or older, and
it's recommended that a 1 inch needle be used to inject into the deltoid
muscle rather than the triceps with a 1.5 inch needle as is common in
adults.  For children who are at high risk for influenza, the vaccine may be
given at the same time as other childhood vaccinations.  Source:

Jim Handsfield
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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mailto:email @ redacted

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