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Re: [IP] Joslin 50 year award

In a message dated 8/23/00 8:43:11 PM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

 Does anyone know what the Joslin clinic requires you to submit for the 50
 year award? My aunt will have had 50 years on insulin in a few months, and
 she is interested in this award. However, the doctor she saw at the time
 has long since died (no surprise) and she doesn't think she has any records
 to prove that she went on insulin 50 years ago. Will they accept letters
 from family and friends who knew her at the time?
 BTW, she's in the process of getting a pump now that medicare covers them.
 I went over to her house last night and showed her all my "pump stuff"
 including carb counting book and scale. I also inserted a new silhouette
 while she watched, and now she's much less intimidated.
 Mary Jean
 IDDM 10 years, pumping 3.5 years >>
        Hi Mary Jean your aunt will love the pump. I got my 50th in 1997 and 
just went on the pump in May this year. They are not hard to get approval for 
the medal. I was a Joslin patient so they had my records back to the late 
40's.You might also write to Eli Lilly as they also sent me a silver medal I 
have on all the time. The Joslin medal is 2" and is too large to hang on your 
neck. In the letter from Lilly as of 5/21/99 I was the 1272nd letter they had 
given out. They began in 1975. Your aunt is in a small group of people. I 
feel with the pump I will reach the 75th in only 22 more years. Roger C
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