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[IP] yipee and Uggghhhh

Well had my first HbA1c yesterday since starting the
pump.  It came back 6.0 which was the same as before
starting the pump...yipee!  I'm really surprised since
I've had a few 300's since starting, Adjusting basal
rates, Blood in the cannula twice, and a few
mysterious air bubbles, I'm pleasantly surprised!  So,
then I go to my second doctor's appointment b/c I have
2 new mosquito bites everyday (for three weeks) and
they go away and come back.  Diabetes center says it
isn't BG related since my BG's have been soooo tight. 
So the doctor doesn't think they're mosquitos, but
rather they're hives!!!!! EEEEWWWWWW!!!  Yeah, so now
I have to go to an allergist (annoyed).  And after
months of where-am-I-gonna-put-the-pump in this dress
i'm wearing to a labor day wedding, now my problem is
that I look like I have the measles.  My so called
hives are looking worse and worse!  UUUUGGGGHHHH. 
Backless dress...more ugghhh.  Anyway,  through it
all, my bg's have been great (occasionally too low). 
So my theory for the day, is...Its always Something! 
(also, woke-up at 366 last night after 172, 3 hours
before)  I just LOVE 2am site changes!
-Alecia (full of angst, again)

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