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Re: [IP] Kinking of soft set infusion lines

In a message dated 8/23/00 6:30:15 PM Central Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> I anyone else having problems with the soft-set QR tubings  kinking and
>  causing  no  delivery alarms.  I have been getting these with every set
>  I have used from my current box.  There is no problem with my pump.

I had it happen once, while I was sleeping.  Well, actually it happened 
twice, but it was the same set two nights in a row.  I think there was 
something abnormal with that set.  The tubing managed to double back on 
itself and kinked when it was pressed against my leg.  I didn't get the "no 
delivery" alarm until I tried to bolus for the high.  The 3rd night, I coiled 
the tubing up so that it couldn't do the same thing again.  The tube coiling 
seemed to do the trick.  However, I haven't had any problem with kinking 
since and have not continued with coiling the tubing.  

T1 30 years, mm508 since 07/10/00
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