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[IP] ladies room adventures

suggestion for next time you partially rip up a silhouette and all you have 
is a GASP sofset....as long as the canula is still in you, just tape that 
sucker down to you...slap a piece of polyskin, or grab some duct 
tape...ANYTHING, in my humble opinion, is better than having to resort to a 
sofset...(kidding....dont get all bent out of shape if you - the collective 
YOU - prefers the sofset...this is MY post and I prefer the silhouette...heh 
heh heh)

I had the PLEASURE of doing the same thing today, but I don't go in the 
stall...it is too dark in there, and I need the counter space...did a site 
change in less than 3 minutes...wipe alcohol, wipe bard, squeeze, slid, tape, 
retract...replug...it was the quickest ever I think...whoo hooo

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