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[IP] Gastr and propulsid

I just got a call from my gastroenterologist.  He said my gastric emptying
test was normal.  I told him that  hypos after eating followed by highs
hours later and/or vomiting indicate something's wrong.  He will do an
endoscopy to see if H Pylori is a factor since my son (non-diabetic) was
just diagnosed with this in Canada and cured with a triple antibiotic.  Then
we will see.

The funny thing with the pump is that it is so much easier to stay
reasonably controlled even with gastric upsets that I tend to forget that a
few years ago the same symptoms got me dehydrated and I ended up in ER
dreadfully ill.

So whatever's wrong now I know my pump Mamie will see me though.

Best wishes to everyone else with gastro problems.

Denise Guerin
Type 1 46 years

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