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[IP] Re: iIP] Gastr and propulsid

> Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2000 08:19:36 -0700
> From: Fran Baumgartner <email @ redacted>
> Subject: Re: [IP] Gastr and propulsid

> >I just had a a gastric emptying test yesterday > Was this the first one
you had done?  Just curious why you would have
> another one done

My first gastic emptying test was done before Propulsid came on the market.
I was to participate in a study of Domperidone but my test came out negative
that day so I was out of the study.   The researcher told me that I
evidently had gastroparesis but because I didn't fit the protocol that day,
I couldn't be part of the study.

> >    Propulsid off and on for years and it
> >turned out to be the cause of severe constipation! Once off it The
> >constipation resolved.
> Glad to see I wasn't the only one.  That's why now I take it on a need be
> basis, like when I feel really sick or can't keep anything down.

Propulsid also caused me to have stomach spasms so I gave it up entirely.

> >I will probably be put on erythromycin for a while as the nighttime
> >is persistent,
> I hope this works for you.  I tried it and it didn't help at with the
> vomiting, but mine is during the day, very rarely during the night.  It
> also didn't do squat for the nausea, which is my biggest problem.

Domperidone is especially good at treating nausea

> it causes
> >an increase in Prolactin levels
> What are the Prolactin levels?  Sounds serious.

Not really.  Prolactin levels rise when a woman is breastfeeding. Otherwise
no milk! At other times it can indicate a tumor of the pituitary gland as in
my case but it is innocuous unless it starts to grow.  That's why a drug
that increases Prolactin levels can cause confusion in following up on this
kind of tumor.

  > >If I eat my main meal at lunch and stick to semi liquids for dinner I
> >better

> Any liquids or specifics?

Semi solids like pureed food, but no Ensure!
 My endo hates that stuff.  He can't figure why so much sugar has to be
added to it.  I avoid fibrous food and meat especially at night.  Pureed
vegetables added to milk to make soup, yoghurt and fat free ice cream.
Mainly I avoid any fat at night since it further slows down peristalsis. My
endo also suggested I use a protein powder to make up for the meat I am not
eating.  I use Met RX which has 23 gms protein and only three grams carbs
for two scoops. I use the chocolate flavor and add it to coffee with  milk.

 > I find now that I eat what I feel like
> which could anywhere from a salad to a big mac or ice cream.  I use to
> watch what I eat and now I just try to honor my gut and eat what sounds
> good.  Won't even talk about blood sugars.  :-)

I tried that too but the gastro is worse with high bgs and fats are a
definite no no, so I try to maintain decent levels. That's where the pump
helps enormously.  I can bolus after I figure out if the food is going to
stay put and except for a middle of the night high bg when some of the night
meal gets absorbed I don't do badly.

 >  I sure hope the
> erythromycin works for you.
> Fran

Thanks.  I hope so too if I decide to try it.  If my gastroenterologist has
any more suggestions I'll post them on the list.

Denise Guerin
Type1 46 years

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