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[IP] Fun in the ladies' room

Wow, I just had an interesting time!  Went into the ladies' room to powder 
my nose and found that my new Silhouette (inserted it last night) had 
detached itself.  The back half was completely loose.  So I went back to my 
desk to check my blood sugar and found that I had left my meter at 
home.  Wonderful.  Feeling somewhat disgusted with myself for having 
forgotten it, but also proud that I have a backup meter at work, I checked 
on the backup and was 127.  Then I took out my spare supplies (feeling 
proud of myself for having them) and discoverd that all I had was a 
SofSet.  Okay, so I'm disgusted with myself again.  I haven't used a SofSet 
since February and I didn't have a SofSerter.  Ugh.

Went back into the ladies' room and did a set change in the little stall, 
all the while wondering what others might think of the medical supplies 
littering the floor around me.  IV Prep wipe, alcohol wipe, Unisolve wipe, 
wrapper from IV 300 tape, infusion set packaging,  wrapper from tape that 
goes on top of the sofset, pump, old tubing, old silhouette--just an 
unbelievable amount of stuff.  It started to get kind of crowded in 
there!  (Note: If you ever have to do a set change in a public bathroom, 
use the handicapped stall.)

Anyway, I got the set changed (successfully I hope) dredged up a memory of 
how much to prime a SofSet, and threw away all the refuse.  I'm amazed at 
how much simpler and faster it is for me to use the Sils. I need no tape 
underneath, no tape on top, no insertion device.  And usually they stay 
put.  In fact, I think the one that came loose was defective.  The front 
part of tape was stuck so tight it was hard to detach, but the back half 
was not even sticky to the touch.

Anyway, all you pumpers, make sure your backup supplies are up-to-date!


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