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Re: [IP] Gastr and propulsid

>I just had a a gastric emptying test yesterday and am waiting to hear from
>my gastroenterologist.

Was this the first one you had done?  Just curious why you would have 
another one done.  I had one done about 15 years ago before I could go on 

>   I had been on Propulsid off and on for years and it
>turned out to be the cause of severe constipation! Once off it The
>constipation resolved.

Glad to see I wasn't the only one.  That's why now I take it on a need be 
basis, like when I feel really sick or can't keep anything down.

>I will probably be put on erythromycin for a while as the nighttime vomiting
>is persistent,

I hope this works for you.  I tried it and it didn't help at with the 
vomiting, but mine is during the day, very rarely during the night.  It 
also didn't do squat for the nausea, which is my biggest problem.

>  but I may also opt for Domperidone which my
>gastroenterologist  suggested.  Problem with Domperidone is that it causes
>an increase in Prolactin levels

What are the Prolactin levels?  Sounds serious.

>  By the way Reglan does the same thing and also gives me
>panic reactions so that's out of the question.

Again, glad I am not the only one.  They even tried me on baby doses, my 
pharmacist would make a liquid form for me.  Still went nuts, beyond my 
normal nuts.  :-)

>If I eat my main meal at lunch and stick to semi liquids for dinner I do
>better but it kills any socialization  on my part.  Sigh...

Any liquids or specifics?  I guess I am being stubborn and don't want to 
start using the ensure stuff, but I've also lost 35 plus pounds in the last 
year due to no appetite, nausea, and not being able to keep food down.  The 
loss has been nice for I was a bit overweight, but this is surely not the 
best way to go about it.  <sigh>  I find now that I eat what I feel like 
which could anywhere from a salad to a big mac or ice cream.  I use to 
watch what I eat and now I just try to honor my gut and eat what sounds 
good.  Won't even talk about blood sugars.  :-)  Actually I think I am 
pretty fortunate, for I think they could be a lot worse and truly aren't 
that bad, maybe it's because I don't eat much.  :-)

Good Luck to you Denise and all of you with Gastro.  I sure hope the 
erythromycin works for you.


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