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Re: [IP] Re: Heart Disease

In a message dated 8/23/00 12:42:28 AM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

<< > Bonnie Richardson wrote:
 > >
 > > Since one of the major complications of diabetes is heart disease, for
 > > we are all at great risk.  And those of us with high cholesterol or
 > > history at even greater risk, I wonder how many of us, particularly
 > > are taking a cholesterol lowering drug?
  Natalie A. Sera replied:
 > .................<snip>...................................
 > There is good evidence that the use of statin drugs DOES lower the
 > incidence of heart disease -- I don't know if they've looked
 > specifically at diabetics, but since I know that my chances aren't
 > improved by doing nothing, I decided to do SOMETHING! This seems like a
 > good gamble!
 I know everyone in the IP group knows their cholesterol levels but many
 PCPs are not aware that cholesterol goals for people with diabetes are lower
 than for the general population.  Therefore, they often begin therapy too
 late and not aggressively enough.  Optimal goals, according to ADA, for
 diabetics are intermediate between someone with vascular disease and those
 with high-risk coronary disease:
 LDL  <100  (drug therapy should begin if  = or >130)
 HDL  >45
 Triglyceride  <200
 John Kinsley >>
        John, Natalie, Bonnie You have hit a home run in your post of heart 
medications. There are two things that strike me hear. The med's are very 
important to not only diabetic's, as I have a total cholesterol of 140 due to 
the lipitor. The second thing is most of the list knows I lost my wife in 
July to coronary disease. We as diabetics should remember we are at a higher 
percentage of the heart problems than the non-diabetic. I think the sign's in 
a woman are far different from men and we should encourage all family members 
to get a simple blood test done at least after you turn 30 years of age.Roger 
C dx 12/12/47 pm 5/8/00 hockey puck in tow.
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