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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #430

Bonnie wrote:
> Since one of the major complications of diabetes is heart disease, for
> we are all at great risk.  And those of us with high cholestrol or family
> history at even greater risk, I wonder how many of us, particulary women,
> are taking a cholesterol lowering drug?
I'm the only diabetic in my family, but my dad has high cholesterol and has
had a triple bypass. His mother died of a stroke. My cholesterol was
borderline high with the LDL slowly creeping up. My first doctor (male) was
convinced I could lower it with exercise. It didn't happen. My second doctor
(female) understood my concerns and put me on Pravachol which immediately
helped. I'm now on Zocor and my cholesterol is wonderful! I have the added
advantage of having an HDL higher the the LDL.


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