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Re: [IP] Heart Disease and Statins

On 22 Aug 00, at 16:01, email @ redacted wrote:

> Your doctor couldn't be more correct.  I have done some consulting work for 
> Merck pharmaceutical, and I have learned a lot about heart disease during the 
> course of this assignment with them.  All diabetics are considered high risk 
> and should have cholesterol levels lower than the average risk population.  
> Many of the cardiologists working for Merck keep their LDLs at 100!  It is 
> shocking to learn of the ignorance among cardiologists and internists 
> regarding heart disease, cholesterol levels and the effectiveness of this 
> class of drug (Zocor, Lipitor, etc.)  Very few side effects.  Totally proven. 
>  They save lives... but you gotta take 'em.  

There are some rare adverse reactions to the statins which should 
be kept in mind when placed on these drugs.  Among the most 
serious is a breakdown of muscle tissue (rhabdomyolysis) which 
can damage the kidneys.  Early symptoms of this are muscle pain, 
tenderness or weakness.  Anyone experiencing these symptoms 
should consult your physician immediately.


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